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Business Centre/ Office Space

Is yours a business in which you need to visit your clients or does your client visit you? If you are setting up in Dubai/UAE, most likely it is a trading, services or a retailing business. There are many businesses that do not need you to actually rent a fulltime office premises. In such cases, you can work from coffee shops, home (if you are highly self-disciplined) or from many business centers on offer. Dubai has a number of business centers as well as co-working spaces built to help the needs of businesses seeking working spaces as well as meeting rooms. There are options for you to share meeting rooms as well whereby businesses can rent their vacant meeting rooms for an hour or two.

If you are seeking to work from a co-working space with great ambience and an enabling ecosystem, check the options at Astrolabs@DMCC and DTEC@Dubai Silicon Oasis. These are ideal work spaces for technology related startups.