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Setting-up a company

Being a no-tax regime, UAE is one of the best places in the world to setup a global business. The advantages it offers include the ease of setting up a company, quality infrastructure, availability of manpower and the availability of bank facilities.

Most websites will provide you a list of free-zones without giving you any direct opinion on where you need to setup. We decided to make a difference by giving you some direct advice:

UAE Mainland Company

A business can be setup through the Economic Development Department where you would require a local partner (51% shareholder). Local partners are available on a fixed remuneration per year basis where you pay them AED 20,000 to AED 50,000 per year, and give you the power of attorney to you to manage the entire business. Some local partners may be helpful in dealing with government agencies like the emigration department for visas or with the Economic Development Department for the Trade License renewal. In certain categories of businesses (you can check on the website of Dubai Department of Economic Development), you can setup a sole proprietorship with professional license 100% owned by an expatriate with a Service Agent contract from a local Emirati national.

UAE Free Zone Company

If you are going to be based out of the UAE but your customers/suppliers are out of the UAE, it may be a better option to setup a company in a free zone. A free-zone offers 100% ownership to an expatriate. Please find below some of the popular jurisdictions where you could setup a company.