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Now is the time for you to hire some staff. What do we recommend? There is a huge gap between numbers of jobs available v/s number of prospective candidates. For every job, there are a minimum of 10 qualified candidates available and 200 applications that you would receive. If you know exactly what you need, you can go to Linkedin and search for candidates exactly matching with the skill-sets. If you are seeking to hire a general admin person, you would have many of your friends/clients/suppliers recommending their spouses/kids to be given an opportunity to work at a pretty low salary. Do grab that option only if you are sure that this will not lead to sour relationship once/if the employment gets terminated for whatever reasons.

Sometimes, it is easy to be fooled by the 1st impression of a candidate as some people seem to have mastered the art of giving the “right” answers at the interviews. These are the times you need a HR professional to understand your requirements in detail and assess if the candidate meets up with the skills as well as the attitude to be a good fit in your organization.

You need to ensure you have an offer letter and employment contract formats available. Please click on our resources tab for a number of your free goodies.