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Imagine that it is your second day at work and somehow your desktop wont boot or your printer does not get connected to the Wi-Fi. What would you do? Surely, you would google and try finding options to troubleshoot but if you are unable to resolve, that’s when you need some external help.

If you buy your PCs/Printers/Router through a 3rd party SME company and not from a Hypermarket/e-tailer, your chances of getting support from the same vendor increases. If you buy from a Superstore/e-tailer, the chances are you would be struck on their IVR without any hopes of reaching an actual human voice. “For speaking to a customer care executive, please dial $ on your telephone….” …..Now, that’s when you realize that you do not have a “$” button on your landline telephone! And, then the machine says “Your call is important to us. Our executives are serving other customers”. How did the other customers dial “$” and if my call was really important, I would have had a human being attend my call rather than the machine repeating itself! If you reach this stage, please fill the form at the top for some human beings to call and help you.