Web/Logo Designers

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Web Designers/Logo Designers

Now, these are creative guys (and gals) who can help you create an impressive logo for your business as well as create your company website. These are not IT/Coders to create the mechanics on your website. If confused, let us explain….. all the good looks of your website (HTML) is done by these guys. When you want to add up a functionality where if someone searches a form on the site and it leads to another set of results, that is done by IT developers or coders who write code. Normally, a coder will spoil the work of a designer as he tries to make it “functional”. If you just need a company website like a brochure to say what services you offer, you just need a designer.

While choosing a designer, ask for all the previous work done by them to assess if the design style is in line with your liking. Don’t be constraint by hiring someone within UAE as good designers are everywhere. Look for designers in Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal as you might find them at an attractive price. Check with them if they would use a template or would design something original. Your price would vary based on what you need.

Remember, you need to provide the content and the layout and the rest is their work to put it up in an attractive way.